Dino Diva - Addy's Attic
Dino Diva - Addy's Attic
Dino Diva - Addy's Attic

Dino Diva

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Catch all the drama and flare of the dinos wrapped up in a pretty pink parcel with this adorable dino jumpsuit! Your little one will not only love the color, and adorable cartoon illustration of a dinosaur, but will be obsessed with the little dino tail that sticks off to the side of the suit. This piece really is a one of a kind outfit! 

- Envelope folds at the shoulders and snaps along the bottom allow for ultimate convenience when changing outfits or nappies

- Unique illustrative image provides a one of a kind outfit

- Soft and durable material is great for daily wear 


This Jumpsuit is the perfect gift for anyone expecting a little girl in the family. It's unique illustration and adorable color guarantees no one will get the little one anything like it! Get one as a gift, and get one for your own little one today! 

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